Built Upon a Rock Fest

Spreading the love of Jesus Christ through music that ROCKS!

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Built Upon a Rock Fest is free outdoor concert featuring nationally known Catholic artists. It is held annually on the grounds of the Cathedral in Duluth, MN.


Born in Missouri after his parents moved to the United States from Nigeria, Ike Ndolo developed a love of music at home, growing up to the ringing of hymns from his mother’s voice. This is where Ike’s love of music, and his Catholic faith, started to grow. When the family moved to Arizona in 2001, Ike tuned in to Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and the Beatles who became early musical influences for him. 

Ike continued his musical development at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Mesa, Arizona, where he was mentored by Catholic musical legends Tom Booth and Matt Maher. As a youth minister at St Timothy’s, he eventually began doing musical retreats for his parish and youth ministry program. When he began playing at Stubenville Youth Conferences in 2008, his popularity took off. The following year, Ike released his debut album, "We are the Beggars" produced by Songwriter and Producer Robbie Seay. 

Ike released his second album "Rivers" in 2013, recorded in Nashville and produced by Paul Mabury. His sophomore album is a grittier collection of soulful music, which showcases his growth as a songwriter as well as his unique voice and delivery. Themes of sin, doubt, hope and redemption are the focus of his songwriting. His raw honesty and authentic love for the Lord captivates audiences as he performs across the country. Ike’s third studio album “Shine” is set to release in the spring of 2018.

In addition to traveling the country to lead others to Christ through his music, Ike has a great zeal for missionary work, from Mexico to as far as China. Currently, Ike is an adjunct worship leader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tempe, Arizona. He is constantly evolving as a musician, a new husband and a man of God. Visit Ike at his website ikendolo.com.



Modern folk recording artist, Luke Spehar, is a Catholic man on a journey in search for more of God. His unplugged honesty and transparency of often taking the road less travelled is made evident in his music and ministry. Audiences find themselves drawn into an authentic faith experience that both captivates and enriches lives.

Born and raised Catholic, Luke Spehar grew up in a small community north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and began writing songs at the age of 16. He continued to write music throughout his four years at the University of St. Thomas where he studied Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. Luke also used this time to discern the possible call to the Catholic Priesthood in St. John Vianney College Seminary. The songs from his second album, No Other Way (2011), were born during this challenging time of growth and reflection.

Following seminary, Luke’s faith in Christ continued to deepen and he felt drawn and inspired to use his gift of music to participate in the New Evangelization. He began recording and then performing around the country. Some of Luke’s most memorable performances include performing for Navel Special Warfare retreats and memorials, opening for Grammy Award-winning musician Ben Harper on tour in both the U.S. and Canada, playing at the Pope John Paul II shrine in Washington D.C. for Pope John Paul II’s Canonization.

In 2015, Spehar’s third album, All Is Gift was Co-Produced by Grammy-winner, Ben Harper. Following the release Luke married his wife Elizabeth and together as newlyweds they toured the country with the new album. This adventure was the catalyst of Spehar’s latest release, The Piglirm (2018). Produced by Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN, The Piglrim celebrates the beauty and adventure of music, marriage and fatherhood. Together with their two young daughters, Luke and Elizabeth live in St. Paul, MN. Visit Luke at his website lukespehar.com.