Built Upon a Rock Fest

Spreading the love of Jesus Christ through music that ROCKS!

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Built Upon a Rock Fest is free outdoor concert featuring nationally known Catholic artists. It is held annually on the grounds of the Cathedral in Duluth, MN.


Fr. Kevin McGoldrick has been a priest for over 10 years and a musician for over 30. He grew up in Philadelphia but currently serves as Chaplin for Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee; a location that is a bit of Divine providence for a priest-musician. With the encouragement of his Bishop, Fr. Kevin has been using his music to engage the culture with the message of the Gospel.

On Fr. Kevin’s music ministry, Bishop Choby says: “At a time when the Church is calling for the New Evangelization, I applaud Father Kevin’s effort to engage the culture with the message of the Gospel. His music seeks to stir up in the soul a reminder of the truth and beauty found in our everyday lives, a truth and beauty that will always point back to it’s source, Jesus Christ.” (Most Reverend David R. Choby, Diocese of Nashville)

Fr. Kevin’s bluesy-pop style has a fresh sound that incorporates his broad musical influences from John Mayer to G Love and Special Sauce. He has been featured on Sirius XM; the Catholic Guy and Jennifer Fulweiler Show, ALETEIA, Relevant Radio, Immaculate Heart Radio, the Catholic Playlist, and EWTN’s “At Home with Jim and Joy.” Most recently he won the #catholichipstermusicaward2017. Fr. Kevin’s debut album Square Peg/Round Hole went to #1 on the global chart CECILIA.

Visit Fr. Kevin at his website kevinmcgoldrickmusic.com.



A young singer/songwriter, speaker, and former youth minister from Raleigh, NC, Dana Catherine travels throughout the U.S. to encourage and inspire others with her songs and witness. Growing up in a Catholic family, Dana always had a strong faith, but it wasn’t until she went to college at UNC Chapel Hill that her relationship with God truly deepened. Through the ups and downs of college life, Dana began to understand that true and lasting happiness, peace, and purpose is found in Christ alone. Only then did she realize that God was calling her to step out and share His truth and love with others using the musical gifts she was given. Now, Dana finds abundant joy in allowing the Lord to use her and her music for His greater glory.   

On the impact of her Catholic faith on her music ministry, Dana says: “I’d say the number one part of my Catholic faith that influences my music ministry is Jesus in the Eucharist. The intimacy in my relationship with God has largely been the result of hours upon hours in Eucharistic Adoration (aside form receiving our Lord at mass). Whenever I’m not steeped in prayer, especially in front of the Eucharist, my songwriting tends to suffer. But I find that when I’m filled up by the Lord in prayer and especially in Adoration, I can’t help but write song after song! It’s really amazing how closely related the two are, but it makes sense because I believe it’s truly the Holy Spirit who guides my songwriting and everything else I do in my ministry.”

Visit Dana at her website danacatherinemusic.com.