Built Upon a Rock Fest

Spreading the love of Jesus Christ through music that ROCKS!

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Built Upon a Rock Fest is free outdoor concert featuring nationally known Catholic artists. It is held annually on the grounds of the Cathedral in Duluth, MN.


As a sponsor for Built Upon a Rock Fest, your business/organization will contribute in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people throughout the Dioceses of Duluth, Superior and surrounding areas. Through the generosity of our sponsors in 2017, over 900 people were able to attend an uplifting, entertaining event where they were fed physically and spiritually for FREE. We need your help to reach even more people in 2018. Please join us in this mission!

In staying true to our vision of simplicity, we will not be offering booths or tables for sponsors at this event. However, we are pleased to offer the benefits listed below for 4 levels of giving - bronze, silver, gold and platinum. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor at one of these levels, please CONTACT US.


Bronze Level

$250 Contribution

-Name/logo listed on the sponsor page of our website, with a link to your own website 

-Name/logo listed on all marketing materials (posters, fliers, t-shirts, merchandise, etc)


Silver Level

$500 Contribution

-Previous level benefits

-3'x5' banner at the concert site


Gold Level

$1,000 Contribution

-Previous level benefits

-Option to be involved with serving food and band merchandise at the event. Sponsor representatives (up to 5 per sponsor) may wear a t-shirt with their logo, in order to raise awareness of their own business/organization. Having a physical presence serving at the event allows sponsors to build personal, authentic relationships with the people they are serving.

-Additional large banner in the food/merchandise area will recognize the sponsors as serving in this capacity

-Benefits at this level will be limited to 5 sponsors only 


Platinum Level

$5,000 Contribution

-Previous level benefits 

-The stage will be dedicated to this sponsor, with a large 3'x32' banner across the top of the stage

-The concert will be promoted as being "presented by" this sponsor

-This benefit will be limited to one sponsor only

The Built Upon a Rock Fest sponsorship policy can be viewed HERE